Product Launch

Product Launches

Product Launches are incubatory phases in the introduction stage of any brand’s product where the final value creating product is presented for the first time to all the stakeholders and other entities which will be involved in further promoting the product and creating a sustainable market presence for the product.

International Symposiums & CMEs

Conferences, meetings, events held across the world conducted by various multinational corporations. Building a community movement and bringing together all the stakeholders to drive a common cause and give momentum to the businesses of the involved members. Doctors, pharmaceutical companies, media, and various other entities participate in the Symposiums and CMEs.

International Symposiums CME
Direct Mailers

Direct Mailers

Direct Mailers are one of the most effective way to reach your customers and penetrate the target market. This provides a high level of efficiency in terms of the reach, speed, exposure and accuracy. Designs can be expressive, engaging and influential which provokes an action from the recipient and puts the message across.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications are various modern technology based platforms that have a massive reach and help communicate the intended value to a global market. From social networks to websites to apps and various other traditional and non-traditional methods can be used to tap into the potential of this channel.

Digital Communications
Audio Visuals


Audio-Visuals are a powerful creative medium for developing a compelling idea into an engaging experience that inspires, encourages and promotes the value of the product and the brand. It is a highly responsive way to build an audience and leave a mark that is memorable and long lasting. Latest graphics possibilities allow unimaginable level of creativity.